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Verilog Tutorial.
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Digital Basics Tutorial.
Shift micro operations and examples
Arithmetic shift left overflow:
For shift left operations the overflow condition needs to be decided based on the following check:

Amsb and Amsb-1 are two MSB bits of the register.
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Arithmetic shift microoperations
In this operation we shift signed binary numbers left or right. For these operations proper care must be taken. Lets discuss this shift operation in three sections.
Arithmetic shift right:
Arithmetic shift left:
Arithmetic shift left overflow:
Discussion on Arithmetic shift microoperations -

Arithmetic shift right:
Shift right for signed numbers is same as dividing the bin number by 2.  
Arithmetic shift left:
Shift left for signed numbers is same as multiplying the bin number by 2.  
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Shift microoperations discussion,
Overflow conditions and discussion.
Verilog code examples for shift micro-operations are at links below:-

Logical Shift Right (LSR) verilog code,
Logical Shift left (LSL) verilog code,
Circular Shift Right (CSR) verilog code,
Circular Shift Left (CSL). Verilog code.
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The overflow is detected based on following equation.


Of = Amsb XOR Amsb-1


If Of = 0 then no overflow detected.

Else overflow and a sign reversal needs to be done after left shift.  

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