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Verilog Tutorial.
Digital Basics Tutorial.
SystemVerilog ‘chandle’ for “DPI-C”
In systemVerilog, ‘chandle’ is used to pass C pointers as arguments to DPI functions or tasks.
Few things to learn about using ‘chandle’

While importing functions as DPI, the ports can’t be declared as chandle data type.

No senstivity list declarations.
chandle can be passed as arguments to functions and tasks. It can also be used within SystemVerilog ‘class’.

Only available for SystemVerilog.
Interview Questions. Main, FPGA, Digital Fundamentals
ICG cell Assertions Concise assert Assert levels Chandle defparam Parameters Parameters Pass Defparam stms Localparam Constant Pass Alias Array Functions always
Example Use: import “DPI-C” function void calc_pass (chandle pointer);
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