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Digital Basics Tutorial.

FIFO Depth calculation formula

Formula to calculate FIFO depth below:


D = [B - (clk_rd/clk_wr)*(B)*(1/RD)]


D = Depth or number of locations in FIFO to store.

B = Burst Width, number of words to store before idle time.


Home Async FIFO FIFO formula
= 100- (10/15)*(100)*(1/2)
= 100 - 500/15
= (1500-500)/15
= 1000/15
= 66.67 or 67
So we will need to design a FIFO 67 deep.
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Apply formula to calculate FIFO depth

Example: Write side of FIFO:

Write clock frequency = 15 MHz (clk_wr)

Maximum size of the Burst = 100 bytes (burst_width)

Delay between writes in a burst = 1 clock cycle (wr_delay)


Read side of FIFO

Read clock Frequency = 10 MHz (clk_read)

Delay between reads = 2 clock cycles (rd_delay)


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Clk_rd = Read side clock frequency.

Clk_wr = Write side clock frequency.

RD = Read side delay in-between reads.

Example to prove above formula below.

Interview Questions. Main, FPGA, Digital Fundamentals

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