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Verilog Tutorial.
Digital Basics Tutorial.
Q. Explain CLB’s, LUT’s of FPGA’s ?
Hint: LUT’s, CLB’s or PLB’s discussion next:
FPGA Look UP Tables (LUT).
LUT is a multi input and single output block that is widely used for logic mapping in truth-table format. A LUT can use various size RAM blocks to store logic.  
FPGA Interview questions continued.
Q. What are the steps required in building a fpga project?
Hint:- Click here
Q. What information from the targeted fpga device is required in RTL synthesis?
Hint: Device/part number, Speed grade etc.
Device options :- part number, technology, package, Speed grade etc.
Mapping options:-
resource_sharing 1 (for On)
frequency 10.000 (10 MHz operation)
fanout_limit 10000
pipe 1
retiming 1. Many more options are possible and they are dependent on technology.
Q. During which part of the fpga flow you specify the clock frequency for the design?
Hint:- Both synthesis and layout..
Q. How to constrain async clock crossing paths in design?
Hint:- False path it. No need to specify timing information for these paths.
Q. How to control resets de-assertion in design when clocks are generated from PLL’s on fpga?
Hint:- Logical ‘AND ‘of external hardware reset and PLL lock signal.
Q. What kind of sanity checks are good to look for in rtl synthesis logs?
Hint: Look for latches, feedback-mux’s, combinational loops, tristate logic, black boxes etc.
Q Can clock gating cells (latch based) for a design targeted for ASIC can be ported to FPGAs?
Hint: Maybe, use fpga specific functions.
Altera FPGAs use ALT_CLKCTRL block for clock gating. Its also used for clock multiplexing.
Q. How to implement synchronous Memory implementation to infer FPGA sync RAM blocks.
Hint: Access following link.
Q. What kind of sanity checks one should do from Place and route logs? Hint: 1. Look at the design utilization.
2. Look for unconnected IO’s. 3. Timing report should not have any failing paths. No setup and hold violations.  
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FPGA PLB’s or CLB’s.
A typical layout of the FPGA is an array of interconnected programmable Logic Blocks(PLB) or configurable logic blocks (CLB).  A PLB or CLB can itself consists of multiple LUT’s, one or more of Adders and many Registers.
Q What are the different fpga flow’s primarily used in industry?
Hint: Altera, Xilinx, Lattice Semiconductor,  etc.
Q what are different Programmability options for FPGA’s?
Hint: SRAM based - Xilinx, altera
Antifuse based- Actel, Quicklogic
EPROM/EEPROM based- Not commonly used
Q What are major differences in SRAM and Antifuse Programming?
Hint: Anti-fuse: non re-programmable, high speed, low area.
SRAM based: re-programmable, more delay, more area.
Interview Q’s Main, FPGA, Digital Fundamentals
Interview Questions. Main, FPGA, Digital Fundamentals
LTE - Long Term Evolution topics from here

5 Steps required to build a functional FPGA load (valid for most EDA flows)

How to implement a Integrated Clock Gating (ICG) cell from vendor library.

CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit design for VLSI.

FPGA build flow.

Android Application Dev: Layout and Intent to load static html.

Q How are fpga’s different than ASIC’s?

Hint: FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Array’s) can easily be re-programmed to a different circuit within few hours. ASIC’s are custom circuits which are manufactured only once (no reuse for different purposes).