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Digital Basics Tutorial.

TSE : The Test of spoken English

The Test of Spoken English Requirement needs to be met for an International student to qualify for a Graduate Teaching Assistant position with the university. 

GRE : Graduate Record Examination

Graduate Record Examination needs to cleared with a good score to secure admission in graduate program with the university for M.S courses. Students with good GRE scores can also secure scholarships and GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistantships) with admissions.

GMAT: Graduate Management Aptitude Test

Graduate Management Aptitude Test needs to cleared with a good score to secure admission in graduate program with the university for MBA courses. Students with good GMAT scores can also secure scholarships and GTA with admissions.

Preparing for the Qualifying exams : -

Few suggestions to help you with exam preparations

Many books and software's are available for exam preparation.

Start with a good book and get familiar with the exam sections.

Read the tricks in the book  and practice questions.

Once you have completed all sections, start taking exams.

Read lot of articles and news on Internet to improve your reading comprehension.

Preparing your admission application packet

Following things are required to include in the admission application packet:

Common graduate programs in USA universities suitable for students in Engineering fields:

Guide to Graduate programs in USA

This section is simple guide specifically designed for aspirants of Master’s degree in USA.

Minimum educational requirements  :-


Qualifying exams :-

TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language

English language proficiency test is a requirement for all International Students to qualify for admission for almost all the universities. This requirement can be fulfilled by registering and clearing the TOFEL exam with a good score.

Master’s of  Science in Engineering (M.S)

Master’s of  Business Administration (M.B.A)

Master’s of Business and Engineering.

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LTE - Long Term Evolution topics from here