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Digital Basics Tutorial.
Stray or Parasitics capacitance
Capacitance introduction:-
Lets first define the capacitance. Its the ability of  two conductors to hold charge.  
Otherwise, C = Q/V Farad
Where C is capacitance measured in Farad (F) unit. 1 F = 1 coulomb per volt
Q is charges on the conductors.
V is the voltage between conductors.

Some examples of parasitic capacitance sources are:-
1. Data or command bus lines to connect sub-systems on an SOC.
2. Address lines in memory arrays.

Performance limitations:-
This phenomenon can severely limit the current driving capability of CMOS gates.

This also increases the propagation delay and limits capacitive load carrying capacity.

Its the property of the electric circuit to induce voltage due to rate of change of current in the circuit.  This kind of inductance is termed as self inductance.

Mutual inductance is a measure of voltage in one inductor due to rate of change of current in a parallel inductor.

Proper care needs to be given to the circuit designs to prevent or limit mutual inductances.

Crosstalk discussion.
Ground Bounce discussion.
Stay or parasitics capacitance’s are unwanted capacitance’s measured on the circuits which should ideally produce 0 F of capacitance. This effect occur’s over long periods.