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Digital Basics Tutorial.

Python - learn with examples

Suggested approach is to learn examples in the given sequence. Also discussed are few fundamentals.

Few fundamentals to know before we code in Python:

1:- Import system modules like sys, os, string, time etc. before you start writing code. Importing ‘sys’ and ‘os’ covers majority of the Python core constructs. 

2:- Indenting or tab is most important in Python and should be strictly maintained.

3:- Reserved word ‘def’ is used for defining a function in Python. 

4:- Reserved word ‘class’ is used to group functions.

5:- Command line arguments lists as string with ‘sys.argv’

Following list of programs are discussed in this section:

Open and read file from within the python program as a single string.


Command line arguments lists as string with ‘sys.argv’.


Read file using classes, global variables and functions.


Python program to open and write file.


Specify files to be written from the command line.


File writes using classes and global variables


Use of  glob module in Python code 


Steps for conditional statements, converting string to hexadecimal    value, strip of white space at end ,converting 12 bit hexadecimal values to 12 bit signed values.


Advanced program to read file, filter text, conversion to HEX, conversion from Hexadecimal to Signed Magnitude


Advanced python code to cover UNIX shell commands, read lines from a text file, ‘sysargv’ command line operations, use of class and multiple functions. 


Write a program to generate diamond pattern.