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Verilog Tutorial.
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Digital Basics Tutorial.

Following block diagram can used to implement clock domain crossing for phase offset clocks.
















Link to verilog rtl for clock domain crossing.


Check below the block diagram for clock domain crossing

Clock domain crossing discussion

Verilog code for clock domain crossing from link embedded.  




Double clocking through flops is generally implemented to avoid the metastability arising from setup or hold time violations.

Access setup and hold time details from here.


Metastability is a condition on the output signal of a flip-flop due setup or hold time violation on the digital input signal.




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Verilog code for clock domain crossing  and RTL test-bench from embedded links.
Async FIFO.
Async FIFO.

A metastable signal does not represent a high ’1’ or a low ’0’ and results in unstable output or a glitch to the digital circuit.   

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