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IP3 or Third Order Intercept point

The IP3 is the intercept point of extrapolated, inter-modulated and distorted third harmonic components. It is plotted as Output power vs. Input power.

As shown in the diagram above, the higher the value of IP3 point, the lower is the value of intermodulation product of incoming signals.






Plot to show IP3 point calculation

Output IP3- OIP3
Input IP3 - IIP3
Input Power
Third Harmonic intercept point - IP3
Third harmonic
Evolved Packet Core (EPC) system architecture for all IP.Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving System (S) Architecture (A) Evolution (E) Gateway or Serving Gateway SGW. Packet Data Network (PDN) SAE Gateway Enhanced Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) Multiple antenna techniques - MIMO, Adaptive antenna systems - AAS and Antenna diversity - AD

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

Noise Factor (F).

Noise Figure (NF).

Minimum Detectable Signal (MDS).

Intermodulation (IM) distortion.

Second order intermodulation products.

Third order intermodulation products.

IP3 (Third Order Intercept) point.

Dynamic Range (DR)



Spurious outputs

Gain control


Other related RF topics:-
Cascade IP3 calculation
The formula to calculate the cascade IP3 is shown below:-
STG1 or Stage 1 = Gain value as Gain1 and IP3 value as IP31
STG2 or Stage 2 = Gain2, IP32
STG3 or Stage 3 = Gain3, IP33
STG4 or Stage 4 = Gain4, IP34

Final IP3 = IP3_Total