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Chip Designing for ASIC/ FPGA Design engineers and Students
Digital-logic Design...  Dream for many students… start learning front-end…

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Verilog Tutorial.
Digital Basics Tutorial.

VLSI Synthesis for Digital Design.

Digital design Synthesis for VLSI applications:  Its a EDA technique  to map high level behavioral designs into gates. Behavioral designs are coded in Register Transfer Level languages like Verilog, VHDL etc.

The synthesized gates are distributed over an assigned area and are connected with wires. This synthesized gate level abstraction or net list is then optimized in several steps to attain faster speed, low area, low power and test-ability.


Flowchart below shows the different stages of digital synthesis for ASIC’s/FPGA’s.




When its appropriate to take RTL through Synthesis?

The design is ready for synthesis when its functional behavior is well understood in code and it simulates without  any issues. Feedback from synthesis reports helps in clearing out  issues in code and it also helps in code optimization.    


Solved Examples for 3 variable Kmaps
1. F(x,y,z) =     (0,1,6,7) - Minimization, on this page.
2. F(x,y,z) =     (0,1,4,5,6,7) - Minimization from here.
3. F(x,y,z) =     (3,4,6,7) - Minimization from here.
4. F(x,y,z) =     (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7) Minimization from here.

Detailed discussion on synthesis stages.


Detailed discussion on synthesis stages.


Timing constraints a must requirement for synthesis

5 Steps required to build a functional FPGA load (valid for most EDA flows)

How to implement a Integrated Clock Gating (ICG) cell from vendor library.


LTE - Long Term Evolution topics from here
Post synthesis RTL logic gets mapped into gates. So following gate level concepts play a critical role in post synthesis analysis.
Universal NAND Gate.
Derive AND gate from NAND gate.
Derive OR gate from NAND gate
Derive XOR gate from NAND gate.
Interview Questions. Main, FPGA, Digital basics.


Parameters passing, defparam & localparam

Alias, Array, Assertions